Who we are?

We are a couple in love with nature, people, life, animals and the truths they have to teach us.

We are motivated daily to discover new things and improve in every aspect every day to live life fully. We have a third member of our team, Jhonas! Jhonas is our four-legged son (pruuu) who was rescued from the streets of Florida and was brought to New York to our home.

He is part of the team because today he is part of us.

Adopting a kitten was a very happy choice and makes our days better. We recommend you adopt a love too!

What do we photograph? What motivates us to photograph is to tell the truths of the people, the feelings and the emotions of a moment, to show the beauties of a place and the love of an animal for its “human parents”.

What is spontaneous captivates us.

We have a sensitive eye to capture love between people and show it through photography to make this moment eternal.

If you are passionate about photos that express true feelings and emotions please contact us.

We will be very happy to be able to tell your story through images.

Gabriel & Michele

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