Who we are?

Gabriel Pevide began his work in State of São Paulo as an enthusiastic photographer and in a few years developed his technical and creative skills leading him to the professional path. Participated in two cultural photography contests and held awards in 2007 and 2008.

He has developed several photographic works in Brazil including weddings, family and fashion sessions, graduations, street photography, corporate events and also made photographic coverage of the Toyota Hilux Expedition Rally in three major cities in 2008.

He has an international professional background since 2011, where he visited London and Argentina, taking him to the other platform for street and life style photography.

Gabriel and Michele are married and are working in wedding photography for more than 5 years in two countries which led to a exponencialy growth in their company.

Currently their company has taken over 100 weddings, dozens of sessions, developing street and aerial photography, improving the creativity in their work.

Recently Gabriel received the most important award of Brazilian artists in the USA, the Visual Arts Press award 2017 as one of the five best Brazilian photographers in the USA in the photography street category and he is exhibiting his art in a gallery in Miami as exclusive artist.

Both of them are Getty Images contributers, the bigest images bank of the world.

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